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The Fader

Cross-platform Freemium

Ever wish you could change the opacity of your lightroom presets? Now you can, with a range of -50 to 150%. Try it just for the fade of it.

The Fader - Adobe Lightroom presets opacity plugin
The Fader - Lightroom presets opacity control

The Photographer's Ephemeris

iOS, Android Paid

Plan outdoor photography in natural light with the aid of an app that shows you how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

Halide Camera

iOS Paid

Take professional level photos on your iPhone. Features include focus peaking, histograms, adaptive level grid, manual depth capture, and RAW support.


Web-based Paid (15-day trial)

Create stunning and powerful portfolio websites, client galleries and online stores without any coding knowledge.

PhotoScan App

iOS, Android Free

Create enhanced digital scans of your old photos in seconds with automatic edge detection, perspective correction, smart rotation and glare reduction.


Web-based Freemium

Take control of where and how your images are being used online. The reverse image search technology uncovers all uses of your images.

Pixsy - image protection with reverse image search
Pixsy - image protection


Cross-platform Freemium

Automatically improves photos’ artificial intelligence powered software. Simply drag & drop your pictures into the app and let it process your pics.

Fused: Overlay Photo And Video

iOS Freemium

Create stunning double exposure effects by blending your photos, videos, or a combination of both. Let your creativity run wild with the 20 blending modes and 18 masking effects.


Cross-platform Freemium

Turn your photos into professional-quality books, magazines, or ebooks. Uploading is easy with the Adobe InDesign and Lightroom.

Amazon Photos

Android, iOS, Web-based Free with Prime membership

Don't let your prime perk of unlimited full-resolution online photo storage go to waste. Upload and share photos from your desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2022
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