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Mac, PC, Web-based Freemium

Collect, organize, and export your icon collection from this cross-platform app - the paid version offers 20,000+ customizable pixel-perfect icons.

Nucleo - cross-platform icon manager
Nucleo - icon manager

Web-based, Mac, PC Freemium

Remove the background of virtually any photo in seconds. Simply upload your photo. No fuss, no settings - just background removal bliss.


Web-based Freemium

Ensure your brand remains consistent by centralizing your digital assets, brand guidelines & UI patterns in the cloud - ideal for solo or team projects.


Mac Menu Bar Free

Stop looking for logos and hex codes. This menu app stays on top of other windows so you can drag in assets wherever you need them.


Web-based, Mac, PC Free

Create and edit vector graphics in your web browser - start from scratch or import any AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, JPEG file, the choice is yours.


Cross-platform Free

A collection of modern vector illustrations of humans that you can mix, match, rotate, and position to create your own digital designs.

Humaaans - customizable vector illustrations by Pablo Stanley
Humaaans - customizable vector illustrations


Web-based Free

Design and download organic "blob" SVG vector shapes in seconds - easily morph the curvature, contrast, and color to create a blob masterpiece.


Web-based Free

Grab Twitter’s open source emojis and use them for any commercial and/or personal project - best of all, each emoji is available in SVG & PNG formats.


Web-based Free

Enter any color value for conversions, complementary colors, and previews (shades, tints, tones) - also features a color blindness simulator.


Mac Menu Bar Freemium

Why send static screenshots when you can give your Mac menu bar the power of capturing GIFs? Record your screen the way it was intended - animated.

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2022
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