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Cross-platform Freemium

Say bye-bye to switching between accounts and logging in and out. Now you can streamline the apps used for work and play into one desktop app.

Shift App - streamline your accounts, apps, and workflows
Shift App - streamline your accounts


Web-based Freemium

Connect your favorite cloud apps and services to work together for time-saving automation. Set-up workflow triggers and desired actions; it will do the rest.


Web-based, iOS, Android Freemium

Visually organize your tasks with virtual boards and cards - add comments, attachments, and due dates to manage projects from beginning to end, and more.

Keyboard Maestro

Mac Paid (30-day trial)

Automate your Mac applications to do what you want, when you want. Load premade or develop your own custom workflows to be triggered on your command.

Default Folder X

Mac Paid (30-day trial)

Enhance Open and Save dialogs with a toolbar to navigate faster and make file modifications (rename, compress, delete) - also outfits your Finder with cool features.


Mac Freemium

Launch apps and perform file searches with a few keystrokes. It also offers text expansions, clipboard history, and the ability to download and create custom workflows.

Alfred - app launcher, file search, text expander and custom workflows
Alfred - Mac productivity app


Cross-platform, iOS Paid (30-day trial)

Type faster in any application by enabling custom abbreviations and inserting snippets of frequently typed text - use it for URLs, taglines, emoji phrases and hashtags.


Windows Free

Reduce those mouse clicks and repetitive keystrokes by setting and maintaining keyboard shortcuts - accepts AutoHotkey code to create macros you need.

12min App

Android, iOS Paid (7-day trial)

Don't have time to read or even listen to complete books? Now you can receive the key concepts of books by best authors in just 12 minutes.


Web-based Free

Tame your email inbox. See all your subscriptions in one location to easily remove unwanted email subscriptions and discover new ones.

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2020
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