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Web-based Freemium

Record remote interview participants separately on their local computer for optimal audio quality. There are no apps to install - it's all in browser.

Zencastr - studio quality remote interviews recorder for podcasters
Zencastr - HD remote interview recorder


Web-based, Mac, PC, Android Freemium

Automate your post-production process. Control everything from file names to audio levels. You can even define templates to store podcast details.


Web-based Paid (60-minute trial)

Edit your audio files by editing the auto-generated transcript - this just might be the coolest and easiest way to transcribe your podcasts and videos.


Web-based Paid

Focus on creating and let these guys do your podcast editing, mixing, and mastering. Plans include pay as you go and tiered subscriptions.

Ecamm Call Recorder

Mac Freemium

Record Skype audio or video calls - simply press record to capture HD side-by-side or split-screen recordings saved directly to your Mac.


iOS, Android, Web-based Freemium

Convert podcast and musical audio into animated waveform videos - social media specific templates ensure it looks perfect on each platform.

Wavve - audio waveform video generator
Wavve - audio waveform video creator


iOS Free

Produce multi-track audio productions on your iOS device. Record, then enhance with auto-levelling, bookmarking, automatic ducking, and silence removal.

ID3 Editor

Mac, Windows Freemium

Control what your subscribers see on their player. Add or edit essential podcast ID3 tags, including: publisher, copyright, image, URL, and lyrics.

Voice Record Pro 7

iOS Free

Record the highest quality MP3, MP4, and WAV audio on your iPhone and iPad - then edit or export to destinations like Soundcloud from within the app.


iOS, Android, Web-based Paid

Transcribe your audio content into plain text, MS Word, or PDF files by pros. Use their read-along transcript editor to highlight key points.

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2022
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